Contact Us

Fair Director:
Ken Lyons
Questions regarding new local fairs, eligibility, mentoring, and other areas not covered below.

Address for mailing:
TNJSF c/o Ken Lyons 7 Daniel Lane
Lebanon, NJ 08833

Elena Colicelli
Questions regarding registration procedures and forms.

Questions regarding approval/rejection of your project or forms should go to our SRC (see below).



All forms must be submitted via the website.

Certification/SRC Committee:
Dr. Matt Toth
Questions regarding certification and eligibility of specific types of projects. Questions about how to fill out ISEF forms.

ISEF forms are to be submitted via our website, so there is no need for mailing paper forms. Copies of your approved forms should be brought with you to the fair, and kept with your notebook, for inspection by the judges if the need arises.

Do NOT send forms electronically to this email address unless specifically requested to do so.

Diana Vengsarkar
Sheela Jayashima
Judges: questions regarding judge registration, assignments, etc.

Students: questions regarding category assignments and pre-screening

Yeung-Gyo Shin
Questions regarding awards sponsorship, receipt of materials after the fair, etc.
Fund Raising:
Ashish Vengsarkar
Inquiries about contributing to the fair budget or supporting specific awards.
Nagi Naganathan
Inquiries relating to press releases and other publicity.