Student Information

Who is Eligible to Enter

Enter the Fair and Monitor Entry Status

Download NJRSF and ISEF Forms

All the forms are available from the registration process on the TNJSF zFairs site. You can also access a concise list of all the ISEF and TNJSF forms with download links.

A word of caution: If you use Safari, please be aware that a long-standing bug in the Safari browser will invalidate any form that is saved from its preview mode, which is its default PDF viewer. Hence, you MUST download the forms directly to your disk and then open them from Adobe Reader to fill them out, sign, etc. If they are EVER displayed and saved from Safari, they will become unusable and unrepairable.

ISEF Rules and Regulations

Certification of Projects

For projects involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, potentially hazardous biological agents, or hazardous chemicals, activites, or devices. Please note that we require advance approval by the TNJSF SRC before you begin any work that utilizes vertebrate animals, with the exception of purely observational studies.

Write and Submit your Abstract

We are using a version of the ISEF abstract form this year. The form is available with the other forms listed in the registration process. Since we will assign your category for the TNJSF, you need not specify the category checkbox on that form. The other questions should be properly answered, though.

Phase I and Exhibition Phase Judging

Project Display Requirements

Instructions for onsite registration and setup will be posted here later this fall.

Fair Schedule for Exhibition Phase

Site Map, Parking, and Check-In Instructions

If you are not clear on where the STEM Building is at Kean, see this map. And be careful using a GPS to get there. In the past, Google Maps has had the address confused with one in Elizabeth, so it is better to search for "Kean University STEM Building" and even then it might direct you wrong on the campus, so please use the map if you are unfamiliar with the campus. The students should enter the building through the main entrance (i.e. "2nd floor"). If it is raining (as is likely), it would be best to drop students, with projects, on the loop drive before parking in the lot across the street. Do NOT park on the loop drive!