Approval of Summer Projects

The schedule for zfairs does not allow us to open the registration prior to August 1. Our registration procedure normally requires that students enter via zfairs BEFORE their FAVR record will be initialized. This situation creates an issue for students who need preapproval for summer work. Therefore, we have devised a new process to provide a workaround.

This information ONLY applies to projects entered prior to August 15, 2024.

Step 1

You will use FAVR to enter the fair initially. When you choose the TNJSF from the fair dropdown, you will see a new question asking whether you are requesting prior approval. If you answer 'yes' then you will be allowed to proceed. This option will only be available until August 15.

If you enter after August 15, we will expect you to follow the normal process, entering via zfairs.

On FAVR, you will initially be assigned a Preapproval ID of the form TNJSF-nnnn, where nnnn is an ordinal number. You will complete the FAVR process, entering all the information as in the usual process. After you and your sponsor (and other adults, if applicable) sign the project, you will be able to submit the project for SRC comment and review. Once approved, you may proceed with the planned work.

Step Two

If you have completed Step One over the summer, and received approval, then you must enter via zfairs after normal registration opens. This will occur about August 1. When you do so, you will see a new question asking whether you have received preapproval on FAVR. You will enter the Preapproval ID "TNJSF-nnnn" that you were assigned in Step One. When the zfairs registration is complete, you will be assigned a DIFFERENT Entry ID (assigned by zfairs) of the form "SR-NNN." When FAVR downloads the project from zfairs, your Preapproval ID will be detected, and the two records will be linked (the Entry ID on FAVR will change to match the one on zfairs).

Please note the following: